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Department of English


Mission: 1

The Mission of English Department offers technical writings designated to provide students with the skills needed to be successful in both their academic and work lives. Through this mission, students develop their reading, writing, and critical thinking skills needed to attain a professional degree and move directly into the workforce.


Mission: 2


The mission of the department is to train students by familiarizing them with various critical tools and precepts from early times to the present age. Class-room lectures are supplemented by tutorials catering to specific needs of students and various extra-curricular activities with an academic base such as seminars. This is done in order to foster a composite and comprehensive approach towards the creation of future professionals.


Mission: 3

         To develop academically excellent, highly intellectual and self disciplined Engineering graduates, catering  to the needs of English Communication and also mould them to good professionals inculcated with the spirit of soft skills.


Vision -1

Our singular aim is to impart quality education with high standards in Communication Skills that would motivate the students in the pursuit of knowledge and in soft skills to excel in their professional career.


Vision 2


To provide students with enhanced opportunities to improve their practical knowledge and skills, to help their career development, to sharpen their creative and innovative talents as well as to strengthen their personal qualities.


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